About us

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who we are

Humanizing technology.

We invests in and develops companies whose business growths can be driven by or will be catalyzed by artificial intelligence technologies. We aim to be a leading investment company that transforms AI technologies into new business paradigm for enterprises and drives growth and sustainable development of companies and businesses.

Through our business, we support innovative individuals and institutions as well as technology and business models that promote the humanization of technology.

The company, headquartered in UK, is formed by an international team of serial entrepreneurs, fund managers, and professionals with background and experience at Google, McKinsey, Samsung, and Citigroup, having over 70 years of combined experience across technology, investment banking, and finance. The team has experience in diverse geographies such as Singapore, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Switzerland, and United States.

How We Invest

> Focus on companies that can be transformed and catalyzed by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.
> Pivot towards opportunities that are aligned to government’s strategic directions and policies.
> Anchor in high growth industries and technologies with strong growth potential.

What We Do

> Investment: Growth Capital, Private Equity
> Corporate Consultancy and Innovation Program
> Venture Building
> AI powered intelligence(RoboVC) and startup database


what's the difference


We invest with clear exit routes or options in mind. Only one out of 1,000 startups and companies can bring successful return to investors within 3 to 5 years. Just looking for high potential startups or companies is not good enough as an investment approach.

Our investment approach starts with the end in mind. We make sufficient consideration and analysis as to how we could bring successful returns to investors before we make an investment. We initiate an investment project only if we have clarity about the exit route or options.

With our AI-powered intelligence bot(called 'RoboVC') and startup database, by pairing between startups and public companies, we minimize risk and maximize exit opportunity for all of our investments. This principle is applied to our corporate consultancy and venture building project as well.


what's the difference


Based on our own approach and strategy, we develop and deploy AI powered intelligence bot called ‘RoboVC’ in order to deliver unparalleled value to investors and clients.

AI can be critically deployed to minimize human bias in decision making. It helps search and screen startups based on machine’s analysis of market trends and leadership opinions. It matches potential M&A deals between startups and listed or large companies searching for exponential growth opportunities.

How we work

Three 'C'


venture building + venture capital


founders + investors + researchers + corporates + governments


idea + prototyping + commitment