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Corporate innovation for AI transformation

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Investing AI company and projects

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In-house project development and spin off

ai trainIng program

Customized and hands on program to build AI capability

About us

We are a venture building and investing group run by a diverse international team of serial entrepreneurs, fund managers and professionals from Google, Mckinsey, Earnst & Young, Deloitte, Samsung, and investment banks, founded in 2019 in UK and Singapore, with a mission to deliver the impact of artificial intelligence and emerging techs on business and society in the most effective and efficient way. Our main focus includes FinTech, Healthcare and Sustainable development. Experience the new physics of  AI, Investment and Innovation  combined together. These three principles guide our everyday work.

Combination = venture building + venture capital

Collaboration = founders + investors + researchers + corporates + governments

Commercialization = idea + prototyping + commitment



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