A Global Artificial Intelligence Hub.

DeepBase is a global AI HUB combining artificial intelligence, people and investment.​

Currently ideas generated are still very research focused and are in need of venture builders to be able to bridge the gap to commercialise these ideas for government and corporates.

Its purpose is to create a neutral environment which can bring together start-ups, corporates, individuals and investors for the purposes of creating, improving, innovating or developing or making better technology related to AI.

A neutral environment that allows for governments, corporates, individuals and start-ups to come together and form a collaboration for the benefit of innovation in technology related to AI.

Beyond venture building 100 AI startups, the business model of DeepBase includes IP generation, education (1,000 people/year), investments to grow the ideas, and events to involve the community.

We shape the sustainable future of AI with startups, corporates, investors, and governments.​
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